Copywriting and content creation


Thanks for visiting my page! My name is Laura, I am a content creator from East Midlands, UK. I have been writing articles, blogs and website content since 2010, as well as making tailored social media, marketing materials and website content including graphics and product photography for a number of years.

My clients are a diverse bunch, and my areas of experience range from antique furniture and interior design to health and fitness, CBD and supplements, jewellery, art and culture, travel, food, drink and cooking, and more.

I am available for freelance projects! I can provide you with the following services:

  • 100% original tailored content for your social media channels
  • Writing unique and attention-grabbing SEO optimised copy for your website
  • Planning and executing your digital marketing strategy
  • Producing well-researched articles and blogs on almost any subject

You can see some writing samples on this page, and get a good idea of my own personal writing style on the blog.

To find out more, give me a shout on the contact form here or book a free meeting to discuss your needs here.

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